Learning English: How to improve communication skills

communication-skills.jpgThere is one confident way that helps improve communication skills – talk as much as possible. Nowadays, when VoIP is commonly widespread, it becomes much easier to find an english speaking partner. The most popular tool that allows to communicate via voice with someone over the Internet is Skype

There are quite a few services that gather people from all over the world and help them communicate between each other. One of such ones is kantalk.com

It’s a skype-based service with a convenient interface. You can find there a lot of video tutorials, records and so on.

And here is one more great web-site for english learners – http://esl.about.com/ – English as 2nd language.

So have fun!

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3 Comments on “Learning English: How to improve communication skills”


    I would like learn business english

  2. feelsgood11 Says:

    Try this out: http://www.businessenglishpod.com/

  3. vinoth Says:

    It is very helpul for me

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