Simple ways to improve your English dramatically.

Recently some friend of mine gave me a link to a website dedicated to English learning. She said that the way of learning it suggests are amazing – no grammar learning, no vocabulary, no text book and sort of things. I was quite surprised.

Navigate this link:

Read it and then subscribe to a 7 days course for free. Then you will find a form on the page with 2 links. One – to a pdf file called “The Key To Excellent Speaking” with some amazing learning tips and the another one to an audio version “The Keys.mp3”. Download them.

Here is a piece of text from it.

4. Listen To Movies
Movies are great for learning English BUT you must use them correctly. Don’t watch all of an
English movie. You will not understand it, and therefore you will not learn anything.
Only watch one scene or segment per week (maybe 2-3 minutes). Follow this method:
a) First, watch the scene with subtitles in your language. This will help you understand the general
b) Second, watch the scene with English subtitles. Pause. Use a dictionary to find new words you
don’t understand. Write the new sentences in a notebook.
c) Listen to the scene a few times, with English subtitles. Do not pause.
d) Listen to the scene a few times, without subtitles.
e) Repeat a) – d) everyday for one week.
On the second week, go to the next scene/segment and repeat again. It will take you a long time to
finish a movie. That’s OK, because you will improve your listening and speaking VERY FAST. This
method is powerful– use it!

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