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Don’t study grammar. Read more books instead of it.

March 18, 2008

One of the way of improving grammar is reading books. While reading we improve our vocabulary by trying to guess the possible meanings of unfamiliar words.

It’s difficult to find a book that will fit your level of vocabulary. I suggest to take your favourite movie; then get a book this movie was based on. Then the guessing will be easier. As for me, I haven’t tried it out yet, but I believe it works.


Spring and Ducks

March 8, 2008

It was a pretty good day. I took my camera with me to take some photos. It seems to me that my camera kind of “got covered with dust”. The season is coming. The winter was pretty gray and boring so that I didn’t take pictures.






20-30 years – the golden period of time

March 4, 2008

During this period of time we have got the best performance. We are young, our brains are fast, our minds are buzzing with a lot of ideas. Should we dedicate our time to activities that are unnecessary, not important? My position is that we have to work for our Future. Not waste our money to some expensive trips to Italy, Germany, France… during holidays, but pick it and invest in some business that eventually will work for you. I would prefer traveling to a little less expensive country.

I don’t understand those who wants to spend a lot instead of picking it. I dedicate my free time to learning some work stuff, English. I invest in myself because the time is money. Of course, there is some amount of time per week when I do nothing like watching TV, just having rest.

Somebody thinks that we should travel a lot, we should enjoy our youth. But what will they do after 30 years old? Work hard? Study a lot? What about family? Kids?