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Travel to Helsinki. A couple of words and shots about this city.

May 24, 2008

My first impression about finnish people was pretty good. Later on it started getting much better 😉
Well, first days Helsinki didn’t impress me much until I got to downtown. After this, I felt in love it. It is very convenient, cozy, distinctive and it is easy to get around.

Since I love biking and everything that relates to it, it was lovely to see a lot of people riding a bike and commuting. There is a mature infrastructure for this. Helsinki has more than one thousand kms of bike paths. Most of people while riding have a helmet on.

I didn’t waste my free time just sitting at home after work. I visited a lot of places. Fortunately, Helsinki has a lot of this stuff. The Government is paying a lot attention on the tourism development. You can easily get free maps, tourist guides and necessary info about anything.
Moreover I learnt some phrases like “Hyvaa Paivaa”, “Kiitos” and more. I used them when I met our finnish colleagues. Actually, they know some Russian too 😉
Everybody speaks English in more or less extent. It’s cool. I didn’t have any difficulties with communication. Even elder people know it 😉