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Web Quality Assurance

January 22, 2008

Here is a basic guideline about how to make the quality of your website better.

It’s very basic and very simple but essential to consider when checking website for a quality level or developing a new one.


Standards for software testing

January 8, 2008


Recently I’ve asked myself about the standards in software testing industry.

I’ve looked for it in the The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers or IEEE.

There are:

  • IEEE 1008, a standard for unit testing
  • IEEE 1012, a standard for Software Verification and Validation
  • IEEE 1028, a standard for software inspections
  • IEEE 1044, a standard for the classification of software anomalies
  • IEEE 1044-1, a guide to the classification of software anomalies
  • IEEE 1233, a guide for developing system requirements specifications
  • IEEE 730, a standard for software quality assurance plans
  • IEEE 1061, a standard for software quality metrics and methodology
  • IEEE 12207, a standard for software life cycle processes and life cycle data
  • BSS 7925-1, a vocabulary of terms used in software testing
  • BSS 7925-2, a standard for software component testing
  • IEEE 829-1998, a standard for Software Test Documentation

To get the template you should be a member of and it’s not free.

But there are some descriptions of them. Here is the link:

And here is the more detailed content of IEEE 829-1998